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In today’s ever-evolving business world, ethics are deteriorating rapidly. Every day it seems there is a new headline of a once-celebrated CEO who is later revealed to lack ethics and integrity, leading to their company’s demise. The examples are endless.

But what are the ripple effects on our society when our business leaders break the laws that govern fair practice and value exchange, or do what is legal but not what is right?

Corrupt leadership in business does not just damage a company or its culture —- it negatively effects families, communities, even entire industries. It creates more bad actors, prompting others to behave in unethical and irresponsible ways.

Such trends are all the more disappointing in contrast to medicine and law, where doctors and lawyers are educated on a code of ethics that they are expected to follow. The question is, can this be accomplished in the business sector as well?

That is our aim.

The BEEC is dedicated to teaching rather than preaching a better way, as well as giving ethical companies a greater platform to shine as a beacon for all to follow. The BEEC gives ethical companies a greater platform to shine as a beacon for all to follow.


We help leaders impart a universal set of ethics to every person in their organization. Our elite education serves as a code for a high-thriving culture that generates record-breaking results.


We spotlight purposeful companies on a bigger platform.  The BEEC seal represents that your company upholds the highest levels of integrity, truth and trust to the world.

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We direct our collective focus towards initiatives that elevate humanity in the business world and beyond. We come together to do good while doing good business.


Over 90% of the nation’s business schools now provide training in ethics
According to the Harvard Business Review, over 500 business ethics courses currently top America’s campuses.
of employees would stay at a lower-paying job if it meant working for a great boss.
A 2020 survey by Edelman found that only 57% of people globally trust businesses to do what is right.
The Global Ethics Survey conducted by the Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) found that 47% of employees in the United States reported witnessing misconduct, with pressure to meet unrealistic business goals and fear of retaliation being among the top drivers of misconduct.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new ethical challenges for businesses, with concerns around price gouging, supply chain disruption, and employee safety and compensation.


We are a network of companies with a compass.
We are an alliance of corporate leaders who see opportunities for change.
We are a group of entrepreneurs who envision a better world.

Together, we help communities prosper fairly.

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